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Sandra Adams

After completing a three year course in 1996 studying Art & 3D Design at North Devon College I decided to set up my own workshop at my home in Brayford, whilst continuing to work part time.

As requests for my work grew via galleries and also receiving very positive comments and sales through fairs, I decided it was time to make this my full time occupation. I now supply galleries throughout the UK and am also happy to accept commissions. Whilst I make functional pieces such as platters, stools etc, I also make more contemporary and artistic pieces where I can include colour, shape and texture.

Brayford is an ancient sprawling parish situated within the wild beauty of Exmoor National Park and the rugged coastline of North Devon. I believe my techniques suit and represent the landscape that surrounds and inspires me. Having the privilege of living in this wonderful environment really helps me to keep pushing the boundaries of my work and gives my pieces that special “North Devon feel”. This has led my customers back to me so they can form collections and I am told that my pieces enable them to continue to experience that “special feel” of this wonderful area in their own homes, long after they have returned from their visits or holidays on Exmoor.

Inspiration for my current sea blue wave pieces evolved observing the colours in a wave just before it breaks on a beautiful clear day whilst walking the coastal paths. Some items I bring back to the workshop to study texture and form which I can then incorporate into my work, it may only be the centre shape of a flower which I then apply into the final shape of my flowers. I like to keep my work simple and minimalist creating flowing curves which are visually appealing and are pleasing to the touch.

All the materials I work with are as natural as possible, using water based dyes which I mix and blend to create my coloured pieces. All my wood is sourced in and around Exmoor from trees which have blown down in a storm or felled when no longer safe. Surrounding farmers are used to me approaching them when they are layering hedges, or when trees have been washed down the river Bray in flood, and in having a good relationship with my local sawmill I am assured my wood is locally grown. I mainly work in Ash, Beech, Sycamore and sometimes Oak as they are more readily available within this area.

Working with the grain, type of wood and any interesting feature the wood may reveal makes each piece unique and helps me keep a fresh and interesting approach, I feel very privileged to be the first person to see “what lies beneath the bark”. It is very satisfying turning discarded wood into things of use and beauty. For me this form of recycling within such a natural and beautiful environment continues to be an inspiration.

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