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Sarah Martin

Sarah thinks people should surround themselves with life enhancing objects, so she makes large contemporary decorative vessels in porcelain and stoneware.

She slip casts tall porcelain cylinders and embroiders them with black thread in a variety of geometric designs, producing amazing optical effects. This work references the decorative effects of Elizabeth Fritsch on her pots.

Sarah also makes large shallow bowls in porcelain and stoneware, which are thrown over a hump of plaster with an added foot ring. The porcelain ones are dipped in three different glazes, producing interesting overlapping sections and drip effects. These are reminiscent of Ben Nicholson’s abstract paintings. The stoneware bowls are resisted in black wax and partially glazed in a matt blue/turquoise glaze in an expressionistic manner, recalling paintings by Jackson Pollock.

Her work shows an interest in optical ambiguity, achieved for example when geometric shapes are wrapped around a curved surface, as with the cylinders described above. She also embraces the serendipity of glazes intermingling and/or running in the kiln to produce unforeseen results, as with the porcelain bowls. Her stoneware bowls consciously contrast classic forms and free style glaze decoration.

She has said that the semi-permanent nature of ceramic vessels and the ancient derivation of the art form, initially to provide vessels to aid human survival, are added attractions.

Sarah is a member of the London Potters, a Licentiate of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and an Associate member of the Craft Potters Association.

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