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Ken and Valerie Shelton -  Shelton Pottery 

Ken and Valerie Shelton make individual pieces at their home in south Cheshire. Ken throws the pots on the wheel in fine white earthenware.  When the pots have dried to a “leather hard” stage they are turned, and burnished to produce a completely smooth surface.  The pots are then biscuit fired in the kiln to about1140°C.

Valerie paints freehand onto the bisque with underglaze colours. Each piece is unique, a combination of practiced brushstroke and instinctive understanding of colour. After painting the pots are glazed with a transparent glaze and fired again.

Valerie studied fashion and textiles at Brighton and Bristol art colleges; a background that is reflected in her use of bright colour.  Ken learnt to pot with potters in Bristol and London and has had a long association with the country’s most prominent potters through his work as a consultant to the craft ceramic supplies industry. His early gallery experience selling work by many of the best potters including Rie, Coper and Leach has informed his approach to shape.

Ken and Valerie are proud to have been elected Professional Members of the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain in 1997.

Shelton Pottery’s work is sold in galleries and up-market shops throughout the UK and has been shown in various locations including the Collins Gallery Glasgow, Courtauld Gallery, Newcastle-under-Lyme Art Gallery, Folkestone Arts Centre, Morley Gallery, The British Museum, the Laing Art Gallery and Contemporary Ceramics London.

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