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Sophie Lister Hussain

I discovered from an early age that I was mesmerized, captivated and moved by the natural colours of the world that surrounded me, growing up on Anglesey, gave me every thing I needed within a rich fabric, visually endless with each changing season, exploding with life such as bud to blossom, berry to baby foal, calf, harvest and the hay making.
The weather would bring the most amazing skies, the storm revealed beaches littered with new things from other places. To draw was to bring all my ideas home, to use colour was to bring life to the paper.

I left Art Collage in Bangor North Wales, from then I took a place at the NEWI Wrexham Art College where I, under the tuition of Mr Mel Harris studied an HND Architectural 2D/3D Glass course. I learned the basics of glass working, cutting and bending glass with kiln heat, sandblasting and a small amount of hydrofluoric acid work, where Bryn the technician had to stand guard with a hose pipe as I etched the flash away.

Whilst I studying at Wrexham Art Collage I entered and won a National competition, ‘The Stevens Competition’ where I designed a window to commemorate the death of Sir Lawrence Olivier. During this period I was the chosen designer to make an east facing window for the parish church at Holy Trinity Church, Weston Lullingfields in Shropshire.

While I was a student at Sunderland University, studying a BA Hons in Architectural Glass and Ceramics, I was approached by the director of Goddard & Gibbs to work placements in my holidays; I from then on went to work for the company for some years after my graduation. The experience was a wide and varied training in glass, with a keen eye to learn and to expand my knowledge in glass, the designing and the many facets which align the craft to make and produce great things, I worked along side master crafts men and women on fantastic projects, where all work was undertaken with extreme skill and dedication.

I became self-employed in 2000, working for the larger studios as a freelancer enabling me to take control over the work I undertook, since then I have worked in a wide and varied way, experimental end expressive to achieve the desired goal. I, as a stained designer use the same techniques I learnt in Wrexham collage, I apply my self to each design proposal, I love my work and need to be involved in each process, I find by using the materials I learn from them, I understand how to control them and in turn I can use them to enhance my work

Every time I design for a new project, I feel the excitement of a new challenge with different criteria each time, new research and new colours. All my work is different, every job is unique, the design, the image, details and colours and texture of glass, surface decoration, position and composition. I enjoy freedom within a design, this year I wish to make work from within, work without a destination, and no agenda... this is a personal challenge.

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