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Susan Beale

Susan Beale has been a Designer Silversmith for the past 12 years. Her work is in a constant state of evolution. Ideas started as a single entity through experimental and conscious inspiration now begin to over lap and mature as complementary design. She continually strives to capture the imagination, her works being a sculptural mystery with function. Producing pieces that are provocative to all the senses. Using the  traditional silversmithing skills of raising, chasing, planishing, casting, etching and vitreous enameling.

She loves to work with the commissioner to create and design. Sparked by their thoughts, capturing a piece original and special to them.

Susan Beale’s latest piece a rose bowl part of the ‘A moment in Time’ collection is an example of where imagination and feelings come together. The words below are the thoughts behind how this rose bowl was conceived.

The first raindrop falls from the sky. Its convexness perfectly formed with its tail trailing behind forever trying to keep up. The droplet comes to rest touching the still silent surface of the pond. The forceful energy of that single droplet gently pushes at the waters surface. The pond responds concaving accepting the droplets form. For a moment they are vibrating, living and very interdependent. For a moment only, they have no way of knowing whats to come, for a moments last breath and the droplet’s gone. Its’ surrounding waters have breathed it in, consuming the droplet into its own. In so doing a massive explosion an ecstasy a surging of energies forcing a tsunami, a repeating cascading wave, a ripple to flutter across the ponds surface. A vibrating, reverberating energy released and gently quietened. Then calm.

Life is but a moment in time.

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