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Susan R. Evans

Cat and small birds - automata

Decorating wood is my main concern, whether it is a toy, tells a visual story, a sculpture, moves or doesn't move. I like making interesting and quirky pieces, which appeal to me and hopefully to the observer. They are mainly intended for adults but it is a bonus if children like them too.

My work is a fusion of many interests and influences including a passion for wood, a love of the sea and all natural things. I am particularly influenced by Folk Art of all countries; Romanesque and Medieval stone/woodcarvings. Travelling in Yemen and Nepal has also provided me with much inspiration from their architecture, colours and carvings.

I use all kinds of wood, much of it is recycled and driftwood. I love the individuality and uniqueness of each piece of driftwood, which, if it could talk, would have its own story to tell.

I try to make many of my pieces interesting by including simple movement. The mechanisms I use are mainly cranks, cams and levers. If the pieces are non-moving, I usually mount them onto interesting selections of hardwood such as elm, oak and poplar burrs. All my carvings are in lime. I use acrylic paint and seal with a matt, water-based varnish or wax polish.

I am a member of the British Toymakers Guild and I have exhibited widely throughout the UK.

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