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Sylph Baier

Sylph Baier's interest in producing functional tableware originated in Germany whilst working in advertising, mainly displaying ceramics. Her love and passion for food, backed by her visually exciting eating culture, has led her to invent many beautiful ranges over the years.

Serving a traditional apprenticeship with Pru Green as a production thrower in Carmarthenshire/Wales, followed by 3 highly successful years studying ceramics, Sylph decided to stay in Great Britain and joined an artists' co-operative in Brighton where she started to produce her "Storm in a Teacup" range. The intention was to produce tableware which is humorous, accessible, sensuous to the touch, functional and looks good with or without food. It draws on the narrative of Britain's seafaring history and is easily understood by everyone from any background or age group.

Many other ranges followed, and her current "Lift" range is mainly form based, drawing on 27 years of throwing experience, taking the material to its limits and constantly exploring functionality and purpose. The soft, tactile glaze of the "Lift" range is available in 7 colours. Sylph specialises in making bespoke tea-and dinner-sets and enjoys creating specialist objects for customers, from tulip vases to honeycomb pots. She also produces a children's range, personalising everything with names and birth dates.

"I see myself very much as a service who can work with the customer within my visual vocabulary, in producing tailor made functional pots which have presence and soul. The notion that my work is being used and treasured by many people on a daily basis gives me a great sense of purpose and satisfaction and will keep me going forever and a day".

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