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Tom Raffield

Internationally renowned for his spectacular wooden furniture, Tom Raffield has acquired critical acclaim for his good design and sustainable work ethics. As a co-founder of the award winning collective design company sixixis, he pushed the boundaries of woodwork and created new and exciting forms out of locally sourced timber. Specialising in the making of pioneering, ecologically sound furniture he believes products can be based on beauty and integrity.

Taking inspiration from the Cornish environment with his integral passion for designing with wood, Tom marries old techniques with contemporary design to produce his beautiful interpretations of everyday objects.

There is a wide selection in the current range of work by Tom Raffield, from the more elaborate chaise lounge to his beautifully formed lighting, all of which are available, direct through his website. From the small to the large every item is made with the same attention to detail and passion.

Steam bending is a traditional process steeped in history. It was once a vital practice, paramount to the production of weapons, tools and water vessels but sadly, with the advance of technology the practice has become less common. Steam bending is also a low energy and ecological method of manipulating wood with no nasty glues and very low levels of wastage.

With time and a lot of practice Tom has developed his own way of using steam, which has reinvented this traditional process and brought it into the 21st century. The new tools and methods Tom has developed mean he can twist and bend wood to create shapes as freely as you use a pencil for drawing.

Having such a good understanding of the material and the process ensures there are no restrictions on creativity – knowing that anything can be achieved is extraordinarily liberating.

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