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Tony Laverick

I have been making ceramics for the last 30 years and, during that time, I have used many different techniques and materials. Currently, I am working with specially prepared black porcelain which I fire to a high temperature (1260 C)  with the subsequent glaze, engobe and lustre firings at lower temperature.

Having studied Studio Ceramics at university from 1981 to 1984, I then spent some time working as a designer in the ceramic industry including Wedgwood. This has given me a broader appreciation of ceramics and techniques. Notably, the artware produced by Royal Doulton in the late 19th and early 20th century. Also, Ruskin, Bernard Moore, Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian along with French potters such as Auguste Delaherche and Clement Massier. I am  influenced by 20th century art, particularly Kandinsky, Malevich, Mondrian, Nicholson, Brancusi and Rodchenko.

I am also inspired by my own experiences in an indirect way. For example, on a recent flight to Egypt, I was struck by the contrasting colours I saw when flying over the different landscapes. The turquoise of the Mediterranean juxtaposed with the rich reds of the desert and the verdant green of the Nile Delta. Strong lines and angles formed by agriculture and coastline. Initially, I am not looking at this and consciously thinking of ways to incorporate it into my work. I do not want to superficially duplicate it. But, it is absorbed and combined with all the other influences built up over a lifetime so that, eventually it appears as an idea in the future.

I love things which are interesting, varied, engaging and beautiful. I personally don’t respond to everything being uniform and minimal because it bores me. So, in my work, I try to achieve layers of interest using colour, texture and form. It is the combination of human judgment and technique which I find exciting and challenging.  All my pieces encourage the viewer to rotate them, even slightly, so as to reveal different visual relationships.

My work is constantly evolving as I take the risks that are necessary for growth and it is defined by the willingness to take these risks and bear the consequences.

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