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Val Hunt

Val Hunt creatively recycles a diverse selection of throw away items; but her favourite material is drinks can metal. From this she creates innovated sculptures, wall hangings, hats and jewellery.

The jewellery is amazingly light, all edges are ‘hemmed’ to make it user friendly and easy to wear. That it is constructed from beer cans isn’t blatantly obvious but its origins are subtly suggested.

The metal is often formed and constructed to give it textile qualities. Intricate patterns can be imprinted on the surface and the can’s graphics also add interesting character and history. Humour is another important ingredient incorporated into her work.

Fortunately getting the raw material is no problem as family and friends are very happy to leave cans outside her door.

Coming from a family of inventors Val loves the challenge of solving the numerous practical problems that always arise when creating something. Great satisfaction is had from sitting in her workshop in Coventry with a large box of ‘rubbish’ on one side and creditable craft items on the other.

Despite her use of manufactured materials much if her inspiration comes from natural forms, botanical,aquatic, animals, birds, historical fashion, Egyptian and tribal art. Her work is always changing as she experiments and discovers new techniques and ways of using recycled materials.

'Reincarnated Rubbish' is Val's diverse solo touring recycling exhibition, which is shown in Art Galleries and Museums around the U.K. each year. It is full of witty, humorous, imaginative and thought provoking constructions which will whet the appetite, inspire and encourage everyone to experience the fun of creative recycling.

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