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Violante Lodolo D'Oria

I create one-off hand built sculptural ceramics in white smooth stoneware clay. Each vessel is manipulated and distorted into a unique organic form, pushing the plasticity of the clay to its very extreme.

Once the form is bone dry, contours are accentuated by fettling and the rim is sculpted to produce a delicate outline.

The vessel's surface is like a canvas. I "paint" on this canvas using a combination of three or more glazes, matte and shiny. By dripping and layering the glazes, I convey a sense of movement and drama reminiscent of Baroque art.

The several layers of glaze fuse and combine during the firing producing a subtle intricacy of colours and a variety in surface texture. Because during firing the chemical reactions of the glazes can be predicted only in part, there is an element of surprise and unexpectedness in the finished pieces.

Glazed pieces are fired in oxidation at 1260°.

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