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Wyn Abbot

My work is inspired by Ancient Cultures and their beliefs & mythologies; I try to create pieces that have a sense of presence and tell a story rather than being purely decorative or functional.

I work mainly with stoneware clay, the figures I create are rich in detail and made using a combination of clay slabs & sculpting techniques with clay additions and embellishments, the highly detailed figures are then either Raku or stoneware fired.  Portraying expression and emotion is an important part of the figures as is incorporating symbolism.
In 2007 I began creating a range of Raku figures entitled ‘Pleiadians’ these have evolved considerably since the first figures which were fairly simple hooded faceless beings, they are now increasingly detailed and collectable.  The gowns are glazed using several colours whilst the faces and hands are left unglazed and are coloured by the sawdust effect of the Raku giving a perfect contrast.

In addition to free standing pieces I make wall mounted face plaques both Native American inspired and Green Men, these are decorated with oxides and stains to give a more natural stone effect look.

Art has always played a major part in my life and my early work was predominantly wood & painting; I came to ceramics much later as a hobby but from day one I was hooked.  Initially self taught, I later went to a night class to study ceramics and then worked with other well established potters to increase my skills. I now sell my pieces worldwide.

Photo Credit: EWM photography

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