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Zoe Petrie

I work mainly with stoneware clay and love throwing forms on the wheel.  I also enjoy hand building by pinching and coiling.  My work is mainly concerned with form, often organic and sculptural and often inspired from the practice of life drawing.  The work I am producing mainly is unglazed and referred to as naked clay either through raku or smoke firing processes.

Horsehair raku is a process of heating up burnished & polished pots in a raku kiln & pulling them out red hot.  Horsehair, feathers & sugar are then carefully placed on the pots which instantly ignite to leave a carbon imprint and smoke marks on the pots.  

Resist slip & glaze naked raku is a process of resisting smoke penetrating the pot to produce a dramatic contrast against the white of the clay used.

The shine is then enhanced with beeswax.  The pots are for decorative purposes only as they are not glazed & therefore not waterproof.

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