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Anne Honeyman

Anne creates strikingly original textile art for both people and places – jewellery and decorative vessels as well as framed pieces.

Inspired by the natural world, she plays with scale, shadows and layers to highlight the wonders and fragility of our environment. Recent subjects include swirling flocks of birds and butterflies, drifts of plankton and pollen, melting glaciers, and the night sky.

Innovative machine embroidery is Anne's speciality - she stretches the technique to its limits in pursuit of new visual effects, often working with unconventional materials such as wire, plastic and even smashed china. Her favourite material of all is dissolvable fabric – this magical substance frees embroidery from solid backgrounds, offering endless possibilities for contemporary lace-like structures and artifacts made entirely from stitched thread.    

"I especially enjoy creating three dimensional effects, with layers of raised and ‘floating’ shapes that add depth and intriguing shadows. Often composed of multiple individual motifs, my designs tend to combine precision and repetition with an element of serendipity. The technical aspects require careful planning, but I always like to leave room for happy accidents!"

Anne's work is exhibited throughout the UK in art shows and contemporary craft galleries. She has also designed numerous projects for magazines, helping to bring contemporary embroidery to a wider audience. Selected items are available for purchase through her website.

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