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Barbara Macleod

I aim to create jewellery with a distinctive voice, which references a bygone era but is unmistakably contemporary and modern. I am inspired by rich decorative patterns and details from various sources such as vintage lace, fabrics and wallpapers as well as architectural features from old buildings and classic jewellery designs.

A modern aesthetic is achieved by taking such sources into Illustrator and creating and composing new vector artwork component pieces to be partially and fully etched from sheet silver. This CAD and photo etching process is more commonly an industrial and sterile process, but used in this fashion - creating intricately patterned, delicate pieces, makes for a very unique hybrid.

The components are pieced together in interesting and innovative ways, often using highlights of gold and using a variety of more traditional techniques including: riveting, stone setting, doming/ fly pressing and enamelling using a bright, modern colour choice.

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