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Hayley Gammon

Hayley is a glass blower that puts her designs into practice incorporating traditional methods and modern techniques to keep the ideas Innovative.

Glass Blowing is full of adrenaline, excitement and constant motion. When working on a piece you cannot stop and take a break, once you start you’re committed until the object is complete and it is this logical thinking that drives her work.

With glass there is always something to learn and a new skill to master. It has a huge element of problem solving and demands quick thinking on your feet, whether in or out of the blowing bench. This demanding nature of the material helps keep the work fresh and exciting. Hayley explores the qualities of glass and expresses this through the bold use of colours and considered application of cutting and polishing processes to accentuate these aspects further.

After being selected for the artist in residence programme at the University of Wolverhampton, Hayley relocated out of London to and set up her workshop in the Makers Dozen studios. Alongside making her own designs Hayley also teaches lamp-working and glass blowing for adults and college students.

Hayley feels privileged to work in this industry and would not see herself doing anything else.

craft&design Selected Finalist 2016
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