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James Faulkner

My work is about time, erosion and their effects upon manmade objects, explored through the use of minimalist forms, overlaid with complex textured surfaces. These together create balance, with an air of calm contemplation, that conspires to look different every day. Familiarity is somehow elusive.

I take inspiration from found and observed manmade objects, or forms that exist in the architecture of the industrial landscape. Form is important, I'm not intentionally, or consciously following any traditions, I'm  bound by the ideas in my head. Elements from everything I see are there to be used, developed and altered. There are always new pieces, new ideas around my studio and home, where I can observe and contemplate, continuously develop and work towards the creation and development of an idea to its resolution.

My intention is to create timeless vessels and objects for  the contemporary interior, calm and understated, yet shouting their presence to a room and demanding attention.

Each piece is individually made from a stoneware, that I re-mix, to attain extra strength to withstand the processes involved in creating my surfaces. Thrown and altered is very prominent in my work, slab built forms and extruded forms are also sometimes used, as is porcelain. Pieces are then coated in layers of slips, some with stains, others natural or with oxides, which are then worked back into to reveal the layers, akin to years of paint over an object, resulting when finished with a surface that has become synonymous with my work.

In 2012, I was selected as a finalist for the European Prize for Applied Arts.

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